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This article will talk you through sending large files using the site is great for sending files that are large in size of for multiple files at once that may be too big to send over email.

  1. Place all files or folders that you would like to send into a single folder on your computer
  2. Create a .zip  version of this folder. On Windows, you can do this by right-clicking the folder then selecting (or pointing to) Send to, and then selecting the Compressed (zipped) folder option.
    On a Mac you can do this by right-clicking the folder and select the Compress option.

    You will now have a .zip version of the file
  3. Now go to the website. In the middle of the screen, you should see a banner that says “Click here Or Drag & Drop to Start Uploading”
  4.  Click on this banner and browse to the .zip file you have created, select it and click open to upload it to the site. Alternatively, you can drag the file onto the window
  5. When the file has been uploaded you will be given a unique link for that folder, normally ending in the files name
  6. Copy this link by highlighting, right-clicking and selecting copy or click the “copy icon” on the right-hand side of the link to put onto your clipboard.
  7. You can then paste this link into an email, Facebook message or anywhere else you want to allow the recipient to download the file from.

If you have any questions about this process or would like help, please email me directly on or reach out using my contact page.
Updated: 11/07/17

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